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The Wilderton Blog

  • Find Your Joy

     Balance is Key.

    Wilderton’s two expressions, Earthen and Lustre, also find power in balance - perfectly curated botanical combinations that demonstrate that the end can indeed be greater than the sum of its parts.

  • Botanicals 101: Orris

    An Enchanting Ingredient

    Orris is the nickname given to the rhizome of the bearded iris, whose knobby ginger-like fingers can be seen peeking out of the ground year-round.

  • A Zero Proof Punch for All Your Friends

    While every season in the Pacific Northwest is magical, summer offers something special. We're always sad to see it go!  Send the season off properly with our Peach Lustre Punch, highlighting perfectly ripe Oregon peaches. 

  • Saturday Night in Hood River

    One of the amazing things about the Pacific Northwest is how people from all backgrounds can find common ground in adoring our gorgeous landscapes, foods and beverages. Life doesn’t always have to be about all or none, sometimes one can truly have it all! 

  • The Golden Summer Cocktail

    We teamed up with our friends at Smith Teamaker to craft a dreamy summer cocktail with our Lustre and their new Endless Summer Iced Tea. Perfect for sipping while lounging in the sunshine.

  • Lustre Margarita

    Craft a refreshing and delicious margarita with our herbaceous Wilderton Lustre expression.

  • What's a Botanical?

    Our founding distiller, Seth O'Malley, breaks down what is and what is not a botanical and how they play into Wilderton's provocative and unique flavors.

  • Cubeb: The Secrets of Earthen

    When dreaming up Earthen, we knew we wanted it to have a surprising spice character that would lead the drinker on an adventure into our world. Cubeb pepper was our secret spice.