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Cubeb: The Secrets of Earthen

When dreaming up Earthen, we knew we wanted it to have a surprising spice character that would lead the drinker on an adventure into our world. 

To do this, we relied on some unfamiliar spices, especially cubeb pepper. Also called “tailed pepper,” cubeb is a close relative of black pepper with distinctive dry, woody, and nutmeg notes. When extracted, cubeb is quite bitter, but distillation expresses its spicy aroma without the accompanying bitterness.

We use it alongside floral white pepper and pungent, bright black pepper. The result is a peppery “triad” that jumps out of the glass and gives Earthen its fantastic spicy top note.

Highlight the unique flavors of cubeb by mixing Earthen with your favorite ginger beer for a refreshing and fiery end to your workday!

-Seth O'Malley, Founding Distiller