Find Your Joy

Find Your Joy

Balance is Key

Skipping right past the impacts of Covid on our lives over the past 18 months, let's consider all of the other demands on our lives and schedules. 

For me, leading an amazing team at Wilderton while being deeply engaged with a growing family can be a lot! Crafting a balance in life and making time for ourselves can be elusive, but is needed and ultimately, powerful.  

I am lucky to call the outdoor paradise of Hood River, Oregon home.  Escapes into nature are right out my front door. This summer saw an injury that kept me from the outdoor activities that fulfill me, but now that I am back on my bike and learning wing foiling I feel my power of balance returning. 

 Wilderton’s two expressions, Earthen and Lustre, also find power in balance - perfectly curated botanical combinations that demonstrate that the end can indeed be greater than the sum of its parts. How and where do you build power and find balance? 

- Brad Whiting, CEO and Founder
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