Saturday Night in Hood River

Saturday Night in Hood River

One of the amazing things about the Pacific Northwest is how people from all backgrounds can find common ground in adoring our gorgeous landscapes, foods and beverages.

Last weekend, my family and I enjoyed a lovely farm to table dinner hosted by some great Seattle friends who have made Hood River their second home.  The hospitality was infectious and friends from far and wide converged at dinner after a day filled with Gorge adventures. 

Delicious food was cooked over the fire as a variety of bottles filled the table - wine, whiskey and Wilderton found their place side by side. I personally started with a few Earthen on the rocks, which paired perfectly with charbroiled steak, and then ended the evening with a dram of local whiskey. 

Life doesn’t always have to be about all or none, sometimes one can truly have it all! 


- Brad Whiting, CEO & Co-Founder

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