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Crisp, citrusy and bright, Lustre livens up every occasion with a refreshing blend of orange, tarragon, and lavender. Simply mix with tonic water and pour over ice to instantly transport your backyard barbecue to the lush, refreshing lakes and rivers of the Pacific Northwest.

I have tried several non alcoholic spirits, and this is definitely my favorite. It's balanced and delightful.

Kathryn S.
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How Does It Taste?

Citrus | Herbaceous | Floral

Seville orange, tarragon, and lavender combine for a tangy and fresh spirit with bright citrus notes and an herbaceous finish.

Raw botanicals in Lustre are gently vacuum distilled, drawing out their true forms.

Bitter Orange

Bitter Orange

Harvested in arid, sunny climates around the Mediterranean, bitter orange is fresh and floral with acidic undertones.



A classic ingredient in French cuisine, tarragon leaf boasts garden-fresh, bittersweet notes reminiscent of basil and licorice.



Famous for its relaxing qualities, lavender’s aromatic and sweet notes lend pleasant woody and subtly floral tones that complement citrusy compositions.

Nutritional Info

Non-Alcoholic Calorie Free Sugar Free Gluten Free Caffeine Free Vegan

Key Botanicals

Bitter orange peel, tarragon, lavender, bergamot, rose, lemongrass, Turkish bay leaf, ceylon black tea, lemon peel, linden blossom, orris root, coriander

Mixes Well With

Tonic water, coconut water, iced tea, fresh citrus juice, berry juices, pineapple juice

A Simple and Delicious Suggestion

Add 2 oz Lustre to a Collins glass filled with ice. Top with 3 oz tonic water and garnish with an orange wheel.

Check out our cocktail page for more recipe ideas!

What does Lustre taste like?

Lustre was made for those warm, sunny afternoons by the water, and if that's not where you are this will take you there. This botanical non-alcoholic spirit is citrus-forward, herbaceous and floral, made with Seville orange, tarragon and lavender. A tangy and fresh combination that pairs wonderfully with tonic water and an orange wheel over ice.


Wilderton Lustre is classified by the FDA as non-alcoholic (with less than 0.1% ABV).

Calorie Free

Wilderton Lustre is calorie free so you don’t have to worry about counting calories!

Gluten Free

Wilderton Lustre is naturally gluten free and made from natural botanicals to pack in flavor without any unnecessary additives.