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Choose from our selection of our bold, complex, delicious non-alcoholic spirits to complete your bar cart with options for everyone.

  • Skipping the alcohol?

    Whatever the reason, we have a delicious non-alcoholic cocktail for you.

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    Who says you can’t be healthy and indulge? With Wilderton, you can enjoy the experience of a well-crafted cocktail and stay on top of your active lifestyle.

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    A great host makes every guest feel welcome. With Wilderton, everyone can enjoy a delicious cocktail, whether they’re drinking alcohol or not.

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    living life

    Sometimes you just don’t want anything slowing you down while you chase your dreams. With Wilderton, you can toast your accomplishments sans-alcohol and still get up and at ‘em the next morning.

Why Our Customers Cheers Wilderton

  • Delicious! Earthen is a refreshing, delicious, no calorie alternative to alcohol. Its unique flavor is very satisfying.

    Amy S

  • Both Earthen and Lustre are great for mixing non-alcoholic cocktails, simply with tonic or club soda, or for more complex ones courtesy of the included recipe suggestions. Thanks for creating fun and tasty options for those of us who don't drink alcohol, but want something a little different for cocktail hour!

    Tom C

  • Was so excited to receive my Wilderton package. I had been looking for a product for the work week that would allow me to enjoy an evening cocktail without sacrificing taste, yet still have no alcohol.

    Kristina M

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    From classic cocktails to craft concoctions, we’ve got you covered. Complete your non-alcoholic cocktails with Wilderton recipes.

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    lustre & tonic

    Add Lustre to an ice filled collins glass. Top with tonic water and stir gently. Garnish with a lavender sprig. 

    lustre & tonic


    An easy breezy non-alcoholic spin on summer's most refreshing cocktail.

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  • Wilderton Spritz

    wilderton spritz

    wilderton spritz

    bittersweet aperitivo

    Our go-to beverage for summer sipping and snacking, this effortless aperitivo is both refreshing and bittersweet.

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  • Earthen & Ginger Ale

    earthen & ginger ale


    The spicy-yet-effortless cocktail equivalent to slipping into your favorite pair of sweats.

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