founders brad and seth sitting in the tasting room

Our Founders

A Shared Vision to Elevate Non-Alcoholic Cocktailing

Fellow Oregonians Brad Whiting and Seth O’Malley came together, united by their vision for what modern cocktailing could be. A liquor industry veteran, Brad longed for drink options that would celebrate the complexity and experience of a traditional spirit but would pair better with an active, outdoor lifestyle. A distiller by trade, Seth had a passion for botanicals but felt energized by the range of expressive possibilities in the totally new category of non-alcoholic spirits. When the two connected, the answer was clear: their mission was to create bold, flavorful, layered non-alcoholic spirits that could elevate any cocktail and occasion.

With Oregon’s adventurous spirit as their guide, Seth and Brad began a two-year journey of experimentation. Free from the confines of traditional thinking, they combed Seth’s vast library of botanical samples, created dozens of unexpected combinations, and experimented with various production methods.

The result is Wilderton — bold, complex spirits that unlock a world of delicious possibilities.

picnic with bottles of bittersweet aperitivo and lustre

A New Botanical Drinking Experience

An Obsession Grounded in Nature

Surrounded by the wilds of the Pacific Northwest, the natural world inspires every aspect of our lives from recreation to food and drink. Celebrating the land isn’t a trend here—it’s a given.

And with the best nature has to offer at our doorstep, creating spirits based on natural flavors rather than alcohol is liberating. And exhilarating. Botanicals just shine brighter and taste richer in non-alcoholic creations.

Our local plant diversity is incredible, but we didn’t want to limit our flavor palette. So, we looked far beyond our borders to source ingredients from around the world. From the hundreds of botanicals available to us and thousands of possible combinations, come the pleasantly unexpected, complex flavors that are uniquely Wilderton.

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people holding drinks and a bottle of lustre sitting around a campfire

Made By Hand and in Small Batches in the Pacific Northwest

A Unique Approach to Flavor and Aroma

We craft Wilderton in Hood River, Oregon, using raw botanicals sourced from around the world. Drawing from traditional methods of tea making, perfumery, and spirits distillation, we transform raw botanicals into bold, complex, delicious non-alcoholic expressions.

Earthen and Lustre showcase the power of distillation: we create these expressions by extracting botanicals in hot water, then distilling them at low temperatures to refine and intensify their aromas. By distilling at lower temperatures than traditional alcoholic distillation, we are able to extract and capture a wider range of more nuanced flavors.

To craft Bittersweet Aperitivo, we use a time-honored process, first extracting botanicals in hot water, then combining the extract with unfermented wine grape juice and single-botanical distillates.

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  • As a career whiskey guy, I never thought that a non-alcoholic spirit could approach the complexity of traditional spirits. Wilderton’s Earthen delivers intriguingly unique aromas and tastes like nothing I’ve tried before. On the rocks, or with soda, it provides a great alternative when I want a break from whiskey.

    Jeff Kozak, CEO Whistlepig Whiskey

  • The mouthfeel [of Wilderton] is similar to that of other common spirits, which makes it possible to create alcohol-free cocktails that are lighter and more sophisticated than your standard sugar and juice-forward alternatives.

    Devon Tarby, Owner of Gin & Luck, Proprietors LLC, Death & Co.

  • The team at Wilderton have created botanical distillates that pack a flavor punch. Any inspired bar person will have no problem turning [these expressions] into outrageously delicious and interesting zero proof cocktails.

    Gregory Gourdet, Portland-based chef, Bravo TV’s Top Chef series competitor