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Our Commitment

Thank you for your interest in Wilderton and our craft non-alcoholic distilled spirits.  We know for some this may be a new experience and to you we say, Welcome!  Welcome to Wilderton and our unique and bold flavors, we think they’re pretty great. Whether you are looking to cut back or just interested in new and novel flavors, we’re excited you are here. 

As Seth and I started this venture we knew we wanted to push the boundaries on flavor and provide an experience that was reminiscent of a spirit but in a whole new zero proof way. Because to us, the definition of a cocktail isn’t its alcohol content but rather the sum of its flavor.

To that, if you purchase our expressions and decide they are not for your taste, please rest assured your purchase is completely refundable. Our goal is to provide great flavor and aroma to your glass for those times to relax after work, celebrate with friends or just kick back by the fire. If it’s not for you, then please let us know and we’ll make it right.

Thank you for visiting Wilderton, we hope to see you again soon.

Brad + Seth