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There are a lot of reasons to incorporate non-alcoholic spirits into your lifestyle and we support them all. We’re here to make this easy. And fun. And delicious. Because non-alcoholic cocktails can be all those things — and more. So, whether you’re ready to take your first sip or you’re still exploring options, we’ve got all the information to get you started. Browse this page or click a question below to find out why and how non-alcoholic spirits can fit in to your lifestyle.

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What are non-alcoholic spirits?

 Spirits without the alcohol, that's the easy answer but non-alcoholic spirits are really so much more than that. These spirits are changing the way we drink, giving us quality tasting options to choose from when we decide that we don't feel like drinking for one round, one night or even one year. Just like traditional alcoholic spirits, these are used as a foundation for making great cocktails. Many of the non-alcoholic spirits on the market today directly mimic a gin, whiskey or tequila and other brands like Wilderton take a bold stance on crafting a liquid that is entirely new and unique. When building cocktails your tastebuds will light up from the flavor experience Wilderton offers and if you've enjoyed top-notch cocktails in the past, Wilderton will feel a bit familiar because that's the level of quality we've achieved.

While many NA products call themselves non-alcoholic spirits, far fewer actually use traditional distillation and botanical extraction techniques to create their products.  Wilderton does and we are thrilled to tell you all the nitty gritty details. 

Why would someone drink non-alcoholic spirits, what's the point?

The reason you choose to drink non-alcoholic or full strength spirits is completely your choice. The list of reasons someone may not want to drink is endless: being the designated driver, obeying doctors orders, pregnancy,or religion, these are all legitimate reasons but at the end of the day it shouldn't matter. Wilderton believes it's more than that, these non-alcoholic options are empowering people to live a more balanced lifestyle in which wellness is a top priority. Non-alcoholic spirits allow us the freedom to live how we choose without slowing down or missing out.

How do you use non-alcoholic spirits and what's the best way to enjoy them?

In a cocktail of course! More and more people are learning that you do not need alcohol to create and enjoy a delicious, complex cocktail.  Keep in mind that with so many options available it's important to understand what each non-alcoholic spirit has to offer in order to use it optimally and play to each spirit's strengths. With Wilderton we've made it quite simple, our spirits are bold enough to stand on their own. That means you can drink it neat, use it to create your favorite classic cocktails, or get creative and make something new. Each expression pairs well with a premium tonic water or ginger ale or soda water, but if you'd like to explore more check out their recipe section here.

How do I order them at the bar?

We understand that many bars and restaurants may not have these options available on their menu and it can sometimes be intimidating to ask for a non-alcoholic cocktail. Fortunately times are changing and the industry is catching on to the demands of a new generation of drinkers and these establishments are much more understanding and welcoming to these spirits than ever before. If you don't see a quality non-alcoholic option like Wilderton available we encourage you to request its consideration, whether that be through a friendly conversation with the bartender or a kind email to the business. The more demand, the stronger the need for change will be. Luckily we've already found some great partners who proudly serve Wilderton on their menus and you can find them here.

There are many reasons to choose a non-alcoholic drink but the most common ones we hear are:

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    It's about

    Who says you can’t be healthy and indulge? With Wilderton, you can enjoy the experience of a well-crafted cocktail and stay on top of your active lifestyle. 

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    It's about

    A great host makes every guest feel welcome. With Wilderton, everyone can enjoy a delicious cocktail, whether they’re drinking alcohol or not.

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    living life

    Sometimes you just don’t want anything slowing you down while you chase your dreams. With Wilderton, you can toast your accomplishments sans-alcohol and still get up and at ‘em the next morning.