What is Wilderton?

Instead of the traditional approach to cocktails that live and die by an alcoholic spirit base, Wilderton offers a new way to enjoy drinking—alcohol or not. Complex in flavor and striking in mouthfeel, our botanical distillates are made to hold up on their own or mix well with others, opening up the drinking occasion to an enhanced experiential pursuit that doesn’t need to apologize for what it’s not.  Wilderton is not a substitute for alcohol, it’s an unapologetic new alternative experience.

How is Wilderton made?

Wilderton is distilled for essence, not alcohol.  Rewriting the drinking experience requires new thinking and technology.  While traditional copper pot stills are the gold standard in alcoholic botanical extraction and distillation, they are inherently flawed as a tool for non-alcoholic botanical water extraction and distillation.  Enter the Spinning Cone Column (SCC) still.

Our unique production process is additive rather than subtractive, steeping delicate raw botanical ingredients, never relying on commercially sourced extracts, flavors or distillates.  We then vacuum distill in the SCC at low pressure and temperature to retain the truest essence of the botanical aromas and flavors (which would be otherwise burned away in a traditional still).

What does Wilderton taste like?

Layers of Flavor - Going deep into libraries of distinguished botanical ecosystems including tea, spirits, perfume and food, the delicate essence of globally sourced ingredients are intricately layered together to unlock unique flavor stories that are deep, smoky, bright, punchy—ever present and made to linger.

Clarity in Complexity - Our expressions are as bold as they are intricate. A robust multitude of ingredients that leave little need for added smoke and mirrors of embellished mixes and ingredients at the bar, although can support the whims of the most creative bartenders.

No calories, no gluten, no compromises.  Don’t expect a gin or rum because you certainly won’t mistake us for one.  The result is a transformative social experience that is tasty, interesting, and shifts the notion of a cocktail from what has been to what it can be.

How best to enjoy Wilderton?

Wilderton can be used almost any way that you can think of using an alcoholic distilled spirit. Classic cocktails, bespoke cocktails, neat, or on the rocks.  Click here for some of our favorite recipes.

Who is Wilderton?

We are seasoned distillers charting new territory with a portfolio of adventurous non-alcoholic botanical distillates made to inspire any social experience. With extensive industry experience and a healthy dose of restlessness, we pursue the endless potential of raw, natural botanicals and flavor profiles that will define the non-alc category. 

Is Wilderton 100% free of alcohol?

Wilderton is FDA classified non-alcoholic, but does contain traces of alcohol.   Ripe fruit, bread, vinegar and other common foods and beverages can also naturally contain trace amounts of alcohol.

Does Wilderton have a best by date?

Wilderton does not need to be refrigerated and should be enjoyed within 90 days of opening.

Where is Wilderton available for purchase?

Widerton is currently available at select bars, restaurants, and retailers in Oregon and Washington with additional locations constantly being added.  Feel free to email us for the most up to date locations.  It is also available for purchase directly through our site here.

Where can I get a Wilderton pin?

We would be happy to send you a pin free of charge if you would be willing to let us contact you in the future regarding Wilderton news. 

How can I carry Wilderton at my establishment?

Please contact us here and we will happily contact you about wholesale business opportunities.