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What is WildertonTM?

Instead of the traditional approach to cocktails, Wilderton offers a new way to enjoy drinking—alcohol or not. Complex in flavor and striking in mouthfeel, our botanical distillates are made to hold up on their own or mix well with others. Wilderton is not a substitute for alcohol, it’s an unapologetic new drinking experience.

How is Wilderton made?

Wilderton is distilled for flavor, not alcohol. Let's take a second to geek out on what we do...While traditional copper pot stills are the gold standard in alcoholic botanical extraction and distillation, they are inherently flawed as the best tool to explore the full range of botanical options. Traditional stills boil their contents at very high temperatures, thereby destroying delicate flavors and aromas bound within many plants. Instead, our unique process borrows methods from traditional tea making, combined with a modern vacuum still, known as a Spinning Cone Column (SCC) still. This combination harnesses the power of water, a strong vacuum, and gentle heat in order to refine and intensify the true nature of raw botanicals. We hand weigh batches of each botanical, steep them together in hot water, and then vacuum distill the “tea” in the SCC at low pressure and temperature to retain the truest essence of the botanical aromas and flavors (many of which would otherwise be burned away in a traditional still). The results are complex, potent, and wildly fragrant.

Who Makes Wilderton?

Seth O’Malley, our Founding Distiller, makes each batch of Wilderton from start to finish. From sourcing the best raw botanicals from around the world, to measuring them into the brew kettle, to running the SCC, we do everything ourselves here in Oregon.

What does Wilderton taste like?

Flavorful and complex. Globally sourced ingredients are layered together to unlock unique flavors that range from deep and smoky to bright and punchy. Our expressions are bold, intricate, and made to linger. There’s no need to embellish with mixes and complicated cocktail ingredients, but the foundation of our spirits can equally support the whims of most creative bartenders. Don’t expect a gin or rum because you certainly won’t mistake us for one.

Is Wilderton gluten free and sugar free?

Yes! Free of gluten, sugar, and calories, Wilderton is robust, interesting, and will certainly shift your notion of what a cocktail can be.

Why isn’t Wilderton declared to be GMO free or organic?

Wherever possible we do seek non-GMO certificates and organic statements from our vendors, however such documentation is not available for some of the rare botanicals used in Wilderton.

How best to enjoy Wilderton?

Wilderton can be used almost any way that you can think of using an alcoholic distilled spirit. From classic or bespoke cocktails to a neat pour or on the rocks, enjoy it any way you like it. 

Who is Wilderton?

We are seasoned distillers with extensive industry experience and a healthy dose of restlessness. We’re excited to pursue the endless potential of non-alcoholic botanical spirits that offer compelling flavor experiences, encourage a healthy lifestyle, and provide inspiration and connection for us all. Learn more about us here.

Is Wilderton 100% free of alcohol?

Wilderton is classified by the FDA as non-alcoholic, but does contain a trace (less than 0.1% ABV) of alcohol. Ripe fruit, bread, vinegar and other common foods and beverages can also naturally contain similar trace amounts of alcohol.

Is Wilderton free of all allergens?

Wilderton does not contain any ingredients on the FDA Major food allergen list (Milk, Eggs, Fish, Crustacean shellfish, Tree nuts, Peanuts, Wheat, Soybeans). Likewise, none of these ingredients are handled in our production facilities. Allergies are possible to additional food and beverage ingredients. If you have a specific ingredient concern please contact us and we would be happy to provide additional information.

Can I drink Wilderton when pregnant, on a diet, or taking medications?

We recommend that you consult your health care provider for any specific questions or concerns.

Does Wilderton have a best by date?

Wilderton does not need to be refrigerated and should be enjoyed within 90 days of opening.

Where is Wilderton available for purchase?

Widerton is currently available for home shipments here.  It will soon be available at select bars, restaurants, and retailers in Oregon and Washington with additional locations soon to follow. Feel free to email us for the most up to date locations.  

How can I carry Wilderton at my establishment?

Please contact us here and we will happily contact you about wholesale business opportunities.